About Kreyonic Interactive

We bring computing power to boring and un-noticed spaces around you providing interactive experiences that augment your perception of reality to create a new dimension in multimedia experience, taking digital media to the next level. Be it for Marketing, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Advertising, Sales or just for fun, we will have a solution that fuses out of the box ideas with the latest interactive digital media technology that fascinates you and your clients.

Immersing people into a world of Interactive and Augmented Reality is what Kreyonic Interactive does. Changing the very space and objects people interact with to respond back with images, video, sound and even motion. Detecting movement and human motions; i.e. where they look, where they turn etc., to let individuals feel that they are an active part of the very environment they are standing in, thus making the world around them alien to what they know of.

Creations of Kreyonic Interactive are not bound by existing traditions, but allow room for creativity and imagination to create innovative solutions that cater to a range of applications from Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Fashion, Education, and Entertainment & Events to Interactive and/or Augmented Reality solutions wherever needed.

Kreyonic Interactive technologies are not limited to a single dimension. The ability to create connections between a simple brick wall, a wooden desk or a tiled floor with people, movements, mobile devices and cyberspace makes room for creations limited only by the scope of imagination.

Meet The Team

Our team includes NBQSA-2009 Tertiary category Gold and Bronze award winners, APICTA-2009 merit award winners and the best quality software engineers, designers and architects in the industry.